Application Development

Whether you are an established company or a new startup, we turn your business & technology ideas into reality

MVP Development

Are you a burgeoning start-up ready to take your product from the idea phase to your first prototype? We help you determine your minimum viable feature set, the appropriate platform to place your application, and what programming language/architecture to use. We rapidly develop and deploy your application, often within 2-6 weeks.


Need your applications to talk and share data? Have you acquired a company or entered into a new partnership and need to integrate your systems to share financial, customer, or job data?

Mobile Applications

Whether you have an existing mobile app or are wanting to expand your applications platform reach, our skilled API and UI/UX engineers will take your mobile app to the next level. Using scalable backend infrastructure, resource efficient yet engaging interfaces, and leveraging best in breed security architecture we ensure your application outperforms your competition and ensures data confidentiality.

Client/Server Applications

Have a legacy line-of-business application that you want to modernise? 

Our project delivery specialists will take your existing system and make it available over the web, through a mobile device app, or both. We do not rip-and-replace your systems, instead, we take an iterative approach, gradually migrating your application’s functions to the web while allowing your legacy system to function as it always has. This allows you to roll out your new system gradually to your user base and mitigates the chaos that often ensues with a “big bang” approach.

Talent on Demand

Do you have an existing development team that needs scalability during periods of high demand?

How do we develop?


Agile Project Management and DevOps.

Short sprints with a frequent push to production, realise ROI sooner through early adoption.

Through an Iterative Process and the ability to rework the functional spec mid-development ensures at the end of the development cycle you get an application that meets your needs.

Security by design is interwoven into our development process with InfoSec and cyber reviews ensuring the finished product will be inherently secure. Protecting both your intellectual property and your client’s valuable data. This is in stark contrast to other software engineering providers who may tack on ineffectual security measures at the end of the development process if at all.

Automated Testing providing quality assurance. Leveraging traditional testing methods and new test automation as a key feature of our development methodology ensures that each push to production is error free and does not cause outages or degradation in system performance.


IP Ownership

When we develop your project, you own the Intellectual Property. We give you full access to the source code repository so you can see exactly what has been created, and you can take a copy anytime.

Any code that is developed in-house and used in your project (Code re-use scenarios) is perpetually licensed to you with full source code access.


Comprehensive Documentation

All of our projects are Comprehensively Documented giving you the greatest flexibility when it comes to maintaining your Intellectual Property. Detailed documentation also greatly assists third-party audits for industries subject to regulatory oversight like finance and healthcare.

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