How to Choose a Staff Augmentation Provider?

How to choose a staff augmentation provider?
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IT resource augmentation or staff augmentation typically means adding staff for the required skill sets. The resources are hired by a staff augmentation provider. More often than not the businesses do not know how to evaluate the staff augmentation providers and this is where this 8 point guide can come handy.

Relevant Questions

Staff augmentation providers should ask relevant questions – whether the resources are required for a project, is it going to be an ongoing requirement or is it a requirement for a particular market? They should demand the list of technical skill sets and experience expected. If the staff augmentation provider isn’t asking for all of this, it may not be able to hire the augmented staff that businesses need.

Geography Alignment

The staff augmentation provider should have a presence, direct or indirect, in the market geographies the businesses are in. Dealing with different regions and partners can be very complex and therefore working with a provider that has resources in your market geographies makes things simple. 

Account Communication

If a business is taking augmented staff from two different countries, it should not have to deal with different account managers. Businesses should go in for staff augmentation providers that offer a single point of contact as an account manager who can be approached for all requirements. Selecting a partner with easy and clear communication protocols and technology that keeps everyone connected and receive project updates irrespective of location and time zone is a must.

Bespoke Contracts

Businesses are different from one another and so are their projects and staff requirements. Select staff augmentation providers who have one standard contract document for all of their clients. They should be able to customise the contract around the unique requirements of businesses.

Ability to Meet the Deadlines

A business should not have to wait for eight weeks before the staff augmentation provider fills up a specific position. Businesses should note the time taken by the staff augmentation provider for submitting a quotation, speed of communication, etc., and sign up with a staff augmentation provider that is quick and responsive.

Work History 

Staff augmentation provider’s work history and portfolio need to be checked with thoroughness, as is the case when businesses hire full-time employees. The staff augmentation provider should be able to provide references of its clients. Someone from the internal team must speak to them and check whether or not it has been serving them with satisfaction. When looking for additional staff the business should ensure that the provider has familiarity in the proposed resourcing domain. All reviews and testimonials available online regarding the potential staff augmentation provider, including those on sites like Glassdoor, should be read.


When engaging with outsourced teams, one of the most frequently asked questions is – “Is my data safe?”. At 3dotDigital our highest priority is securing trade secrets and confidentiality of personal data. We achieve this by ensuring that all team members are security vetted to the appropriate level, regularly trained in latest security best practices, and the networks and computers they utilise employ the latest software updates and protective instruments (e.g. Firewalls, End-point Protection, Role-based Access Control, and Content Filtering). These measures are routinely reviewed, updated, and improved to adapt to the latest threats as they are identified and evolve. Besides checking the external staff’s work history each staff member is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well. Staff is trained on any specific security requirement that a customer requires to be implemented.

Cultural Bridge

The staff augmentation provider should be able to hire individuals and teams that are proficient in English besides the technical talent. It should be able to identify the cultural gaps and bridge them effectively.

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