Digital Brisbane and the Brisbane City Council showed a real effort to energise solutions by bringing together Brisbane businesses and residents at the Brisbane Innovate Summit 2019, last week. From sustainability, collaboration and true innovation, the event was a memorable first step in  the Brisbane Lab calendar.  For those that missed out – there were 3 key points highlighting how Brisbane residents and businesses can drive innovation:

1. Collaboration is key 

Amplifying small businesses was the most popular key challenge explored at the summit, and of all big ideas developed, one thing was loud and clear: Small-business owners want more opportunities to meet with peers in industry and supply chain. Time is particularly short for these members of our society, so it is very important that events created to facilitate these meetings are actionable, and time sensitive. 

2. Innovation = solution

During his keynote speech, Matthew Tobin, Managing Director for UAP, highlighted that innovation is a way of thinking, and behaving in the face of a business problem. UAP has been in business for over 25 years, collaborating with engineers, architects and artists to make public art. Tobin credits their success to embracing change, and to allowing the younger people in his team to drive the change. UAP is now incorporating VR, and AR technology in their art, but these and other technologies they employ are always seen primarily,  as tools.

3. Sustainability 

The “innovating construction” challenge focused on sustainability in construction. From e-waste bricks to sustainability certification, there were several ideas on how to improve the footprint of the construction industry. However,  projects in all challenge areas involved sustainable solutions, which shows how prevalent this sentiment is across fields of business. Consider how Australia’s #compostqueen,  Ashley Baxter is driving innovation in composting. By using IoT technology she is making the composting process easier, more predictable and improving the success rate for individuals and entire organisations – see our Tomorrow’s Tech episode for a deeper understanding. 

It’s great to hear that this design-thinking ideation event is not the end.  Brisbane Marketing and Digital Brisbane will continue to energise the ideas created here,  through half-day sprints promoting more in-depth ideation and design, to help the projects gain shape. With our focus on helping local businesses driving innovative technology solutions across sectors, 3 Dot Digital looks forward to contributing to future events.