Our Sunshine Coast will soon deliver Australia’s fastest communications to Asia and second fastest to the United States via an undersea fibre optic cable. Such an investment will stimulate job growth and provide reliability and capacity improvement from social services to tele-health and entrepreneurship.

The key to project Sunshine Coast on the map for entrepreneurship is building a cluster of innovation. This message was shared by visiting CableLabs and founder of UpRamp Scott Brown and Kathryn Foster, former senior Director of the Microsoft Store at the recent Community Leadership Give First Conference last Tuesday 27th August. 

The half day conference ignited conversation about the main ingredients required for driving business prosperity on the Sunshine Coast. Boulder, Colorado is being used as a case study to explore how the Sunshine Coast can grow and attract talented entrepreneurs for the lifestyle and business opportunities. Serial Entrepreneur, Scott Brown from Boulder candidly discussed how the Sunshine Coast’s vision aligns with Boulder’s growth over the past 20 years. Whilst not a holiday ski town like Boulder, the Sunshine Coast offers sand, sea and sandals. 

The challenge currently faced by the Sunshine Coast in driving a future of business and innovation is ‘naivety’ admitted Kathryn Foster. Working for Microsoft and having resided nearby the technology hub in Seattle, Kathryn understands and encouraged the collective effort required by all stakeholders to achieve a purposeful ecosystem of innovation. The cross-pollination of ideas across like-minded individuals will be key. Entrepreneur Ron Hill who has recently returned home to the Sunshine Coast after spending 25 years in the Boulder technology and start-up community is driven to help attract new business connections to the region. 

Exciting times are ahead for our beloved Sunny Coast …stay tuned!

Samantha Garbutt