Hiring a data architect through staff augmentation? Here’s your ask-list for the service provider

hiring data architect through staff augmentation
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If you are hiring a data architect through staff augmentation and are contracting a service provider for the same, you need to be ready with a requirement statement or specifications. Making it precise would enable the service provider to allocate the most contextual staff for your needs.

Writing the specifications

Job title and description:

Job title describes in a few words, the position and seniority of the staff. Some of the examples of data architect job titles are Senior Data Architect, Enterprise Data Architect, Data Architect (with Oracle proficiency), etc. Along with the right job title, a great job description is a must for the right match. A job description typically has a compelling summary of the main responsibilities  and roles the prospects will undertake within the organisation. 

Job responsibilities and duties:

Besides the job title and job description, the most important part of the specifications you need to pass on to the service provider while hiring a data architect through staff augmentation are the detailed job responsibilities and duties, as well as skills and qualifications. When the service provider floats out the job post on your behalf, job seekers can have a look at this list and self-assess if they are the right fit for the job or not. Though initial screening and checks are a part of the service provider’s mandate, it needs to be told specifically what to screen and check for.

Here’s an example of what this list could look like: 

  • Design, structure, and maintenance of data 
  • Document the database design and architecture for records and perusal by senior management 
  • Create data monitoring models for each product and work closely with different departments e.g. working with the marketing team to create models ahead of new launches
  • Report insights regarding changing database storage and utilisation and suggest solutions if any 
  • Check if the database implementation methods are in accordance with the company policies and applicable external regulations 
  • Keep the integrity and security of the database intact 

This list should include technical skills and certifications, previous job experience, and education and soft skills, preferably in this order. It is suggested that technical skills and experience should be given more weightage over certifications and education. Including too many skills may dissuade qualified candidates. 

Here’s an example of concise skills and qualifications listing: 

  • Proficiency in Oracle
  • Adept in C and PHP languages 
  • Ability to work in distributed systems
  • 4+ years’ experience in data analysis, executive or management role
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering (postgraduates will be preferred) 

Service providers should ask relevant questions as and when they receive the specifications from the client. 3DotDigital, one of the leading staff augmentation companies in Australia, makes it a point to send a well structured questionnaire to all its clients seeking answers to questions like: 

  • Required skills and qualifications vs desired ones
  • Contract type
  • Timezone requirements 
  • Domain expertise 
  • Type of project (development/support/enhancement) and experience in it 
  • Fixed-Cost vs variable cost (depending on time and material) 
  • Relevant experience and overall experience 

If the staff augmentation provider fails to ask the right questions to develop an extensive understanding of your business needs, they may not be able to deliver. Depending on their requirement, businesses should also ask the staff augmentation provider to shortlist candidates with required traits like proficiency in written and spoken English with not much of the cultural gaps, good presentation skills to be able to present their plans and solutions to the senior management, and team players who have the knack and flair for striking a good rapport with different departments. 

Contact 3DotDigital if you would like to access our questionnaire on staff augmentation requirements. We can help you to increase your team’s skill sets in data architecture. For highly certified staff in the full spectrum of the technology landscape, visit our staff augmentation page.

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