Planning to hire a software engineer with deep expertise? Staff augmentation can help!

Hire a software engineer through staff augmentation
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As a business planning to hire a software engineer, one would always prefer the resources to possess not just expertise but deep expertise. Increasingly, Australian enterprises are mitigating the scarcity of deep expertise by tapping the talent ‘cloud’ from across the world through staff augmentation.

The 10,000-hour rule tells us that those who have spent this many hours honing their discipline, develop deep expertise. This ‘been there, done that’ category of software engineers who have consistently developed their individual skill sets can be an immense force multiplier when it comes to delivering projects in a timely manner.  Besides a software engineer, a tech start-up needs deep expertise for other spheres as well – be it a scrum master, app programmer or a QA tester. 

In a recent CEO survey, PwC identified the lack of deep expertise as a key blocker of innovative projects, for over two-thirds of respondents. Considering this near-extreme shortage owing to the pull and retention that deep expertise coders experience at the hands of established tech companies and industry giants, the tech start-up ‘Davids’ have taken to staff augmentation to beat these goliaths at their own game. 

According to Andrew Davis, CEO, 3Dot Digital, one of the trusted technology companies, providing staff augmentation services in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, “It allows them to hire the best global talent remotely, while circumventing the brand value, high wages and benefits that they cannot possibly offer to software engineers as a start-up. The ‘blend’ of the internal team and the external augmented team is only going to grow in the days to come and is expected to hit a 50:50 proportion especially in software development and application development domains.” 

Besides cutting through geographical and time zone barriers and allowing access to deep expertise, some of the other visible benefits that businesses can avail while they hire a software engineer through staff augmentation are: 

  • Software engineers are hired on a project basis allowing businesses the flexibility to scale up or scale down depending on the dynamic demand patterns 
  • Innovation is central to software development. Senior software engineers augmented by 3dotDigital bring along with them newer ways of doing things, best practices and valuable insights that they have imbibed through working with different companies and diverse environments. This is of immense learning for the internal team and they feel more confident and safe in taking the project challenges head-on. 
  • Augmented teams generally speed up the process such that businesses are able to go to market sooner. All of this can be accomplished while eliminating the costs and delays associated with traditional hiring practices.
  • When you hire from 3dotDigital’s pool of software engineering talent you will receive the support to manage any team diversity issues that may arise.
  • Since staff augmentation calls for constant performance tracking and evaluation as resources are not on-site, it promotes practices that lead to better team coordination and higher productivity. 

Unleash the possibilities that augmenting your staff can bring for your core team, and service delivery. Speak to one of our team if you are considering hiring software engineers with deep expertise across coding languages and frameworks.

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