Making staff augmentation work for your business

Making staff augmentation work for your business
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In continuation to the blog on ‘What’s Staff Augmentation?’, how it compares to other project delivery models and business benefits, this piece is centered around ironing issues out and making staff augmentation work for your business.

While staff augmentation can be a great way to improve your team’s skill set and cost savings, execution is the most important part. 3dotDigital, one of the trusted technology companies offering staff augmentation services to businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania has outlined how you can ensure this model is successful for your company.

Works optimally for one-time projects: 

Staff augmentation, often abridged and referred to as staff aug, works best for one-time projects wherein the augmented resources are not required in continuation e.g. software development, web development or application development. If you are planning to hire any of the following resources for your project – software engineer, scrum master, website developer, app programmer, python programmer, SQL developer, backend developer, full stack developer, AWS certified developer, software tester or a QA engineer, staff augmentation makes good business sense. 

Call them what you will – agile talent, talent-on-demand, temporary resources or contingent workers, hiring these resources with deep expertise on a project basis is far better than employing them on a full-time basis. Maintenance and support for the software, website or app developed by the augmented resources is a long-term activity that can be managed by the internal tech team.

Bridging the talent deficit:  

Businesses need to conduct an internal talent audit of its processes to identify the resource gaps that exist. This includes auditing the existing projects or the ones slated for future. The audit also needs to identify whether the resources required are needed for short-term or project basis, or on a long-term basis. In case the resource requirement is short-term, staff augmentation is the way to go for bridging the talent deficit. 

Choosing the right staff augmentation provider: 

This is one of the most important aspects of making staff augmentation work for your business. Though we have delved on ‘How to choose a staff augmentation provider’ in greater detail earlier, at 3dotDigital, we suggest that businesses tick the following checkboxes before signing up with a staff augmentation company. Your provider of choice should:

  • Ask relevant questions about your requirements
  • Have reach in the market geographies that you are in
  • Be good with account communication and speed of response
  • Be able to customise the contract as per your requirements
  • Have a decent work history and be able to provide reference checks
  • Be mindful of your security, and regulatory considerations

3dotDigital offers businesses the perfect staff augmentation fit with visible advantages like closer integration and control, flexibility to ramp up or ramp down as per the dynamic demand pattern, cost benefits, ability to meet stringent deadlines, and far lesser threat to the internal team as compared to project outsourcing. Should you need our services, we are just one click away!

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