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The direct correlation between road accidents and a driver’s lack of attention or declining physical and mental state is well documented.

To address this problem, 3dotDigital have developed DAMS (Driver Activity Monitoring System). The system continuously monitors driver actions and facial expressions. Should specific actions or situations constitute a risk to the driver or others on the road, the driver is alerted alongside fleet central monitoring system.

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At 3dotDigital, we have leveraged our technical expertise to develop a Patient Activity Monitoring System (PAMS). The system continuously monitors patient’s physical motions for situations that constitute a risk to the patient and alerts nursing stations and healthcare staff appropriately. PAMS is aimed at relieving staffing pressure in hospitals, aged care homes and other healthcare facilities.

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This Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) has several applications including area access security, traffic management, car parking access, vehicle inventory management and monitoring and law enforcement.

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