Enable enhanced usability, compatibility, and cost efficiencies by modernising your old software.

Software can become like old furniture in your organisation. We ensure users remain engaged and productive. 

Why choose 3 Dot Digital?

Real Diagnosis 

In the context of your organisational need, we understand the shortcomings of the system before we recommend refreshing, rearchitecting, rebuilding, or replacing.

Scoping for Success

We ensure the necessary time and energy is spent on project scoping so that you have true visibility on development architecture, timelines, and costs.

We’re transparent 

We commit to being open, honest and transparent with you where challenges exist. At the same time, we’ll bring solutions with your business objectives in mind.

"Pilbara specialise in the development of large-scale cost, predictive and environmental models for Higher Education, Oil/Gas, and Government entities. We needed the capability to modernise an existing authentication and authorisation management system for our large Oil & Gas Company client. Due to 3 Dot Digital’s strong project management skills, the project came in on-time and on-budget. As with all software projects, there are issues and problems as development occurs, 3 Dot Digital would identify issues up-front and recommend solutions rather than having nasty surprises at the end of the project. We look forward to working with 3 Dot Digital in future!"
Lea Patterson
CEO, Pilbara Group

Engagement Models

Let us adapt to your preferred engagement model

Delivered Project

Sit back and Relax! An experienced 3 Dot Digital Project manager is dedicated to your project to outcomes and provide you full visibility on the project delivery.  Want to understand the model for you?


Access our pool of talented professionals to flexibly scale your workforce to meet your business demands, backfill gaps in your existing workforce or increase your IT operating capacity.  

Key Differentiators

Technical Expertise

We have teams of highly experienced developers across all technology stacks and industry domains. We ensure that our software development professionals are well equipped to execute your project.

Strategic Planning Advice

We can help you understand the status quo, draw out a roadmap and options on the technology and commercial front. 

Project Management

We are your local interface throughout your project so that you can relax and focus on your core business while we manage your team offshore. For project success, we ensure a well-defined feature scope exists including test cases and acceptance criteria before work begins.

Security and Performance

Security and performance forms a native part of our software development process from Sprint 1 and integrated throughout. This ensures that your software is secure and efficient by design, and not an afterthought.

QA Standards

Our Quality Assurance process includes automated testing, continuous integration and internal penetration testing. Additionally, we support you throughout the software development lifecycle from the design phase right through to user acceptance.

Infrastructure Standards

We implement auto-scaling and security-oriented architectures, automated deployments, application service monitoring, and business continuity planning services.

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