According to a press release issued by Winerytale, a bold move to bring augmented reality to every Australian wine is coming to fruition, and local producers are set to benefit.

From June, consumers with the Winerytale app will be able to scan almost any Australian wine to see the story of the wine and the winery come to life with stunning augmented reality. 

According to Winerytale’s Managing Director, Dave Chaffey more than 2,500 Australian brands stand to benefit. The technology is being rolled out at no cost to wineries.

The rollout, originally planned for April 2020, is timely for many Australian wineries – as they come to terms with difficult economic conditions – the combined effects of drought, bushfires, and the impact of coronavirus. Chaffey believes that the technology can contribute to a change of fortune for many in the industry.

“It’s something unique to Australian wine. It’s a great technology, that hits the mark with consumers.  There’s an opportunity for Australian wineries to capture the bulk of new sales its delivers. Most wine producers already know the strong engagement of augmented reality wine. Consumers just love it. From our accounts, that enthusiasm carries through to the cash registers – flowing on to sales figures, and the bottom line,” exclaimed Chaffey.

According to Chaffey, adding augmented reality to Australian wines en masse will create a competitive advantage against overseas labels.

Augmented Reality

“Augmented reality is really starting to ramp up, people are getting very excited about what’s on the horizon. When it takes off on a global scale, there’ll be a lot of people asking how they can experience it – the easiest solution will be to buy any Australian wine. If we can fully capture the attention of consumers, the benefits could be huge. I can imagine people in every country hunting down Australian wines,” added Chaffey half-jokingly, “we might need to stock up?”

Although the argument is compelling, Chaffey concedes that there are too many unknowns to forecast the dollar value of any potential benefits. 

“Perhaps, it’ll just mean a few more us reach for an Australian wine instead of an overseas option?”

Both wine and augmented reality are growth industries and demand will continue to soar in such competitive sectors. Winerytale too is growing. The high caliber team is widely expected to deliver big things, drawing comparisons to the early days of internet juggernaut YouTube.