Our Partners


For over 15 years, QBurst has assisted global medium and large enterprises to drive innovation by leveraging the potential of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and providing an intuitive user experience

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SeeMyMachines accelerates industrial optimisation by enabling real-time condition monitoring of machines, through a secure, industry-grade IoT solution. Bringing together state-of-the-art and standard-based internet,.

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From CAD Automation to Building Information Modelling, SrinSoft delivers engineering solutions for global multi-national clients including Walt Disney, NASA and Nike. With experienced  IT  Engineers.

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BIMDeX, a unit of SrinSoft, provides an innovative CAD inoperability tool enabling seamless conversion between various CAD, BIM and Design software packages.

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Dhanush Infotech

Dhanush Infotech maintains a global presence delivering customized and cost-effective solutions enterprise solutions, product development, system integration and cloud services. Their gold partnerships and expertise.

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Dhanush Digital Health

Dhanush Digital Health has over 10 years’ experience of working in Australia, Asia and Africa to develop innovative health services. From patient to provider, Dhanush delivers solutions to all stakeholders across healthcare.

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ExactSpace is a global Industrial IOT Analytics organisation  that derives value from equipment data for Process Industries and Operational Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and helps leaders make real-time data-driven business and operational decisions. 


Synengco provides sophisticated software and engineering solutions to help optimise the use of the commercial and industrial plant, property, and mission-critical assets. Using real-time analytics and decision-support proprietary software, Synengco enables clients to manage asset performance, optimise control systems, reduce carbon emissions, receive early warnings, and perform root cause analysis.

Aeronne Dynamics

Our partner of choice has pioneered solutions for aerial image capturing and analysis for applications in sectors including agriculture, disaster management and policing.


Underpinned by research developed at Harvard and Intel, Attractor’s idea validation technology has helped our clients realise the commercialisation potential of their MVP before development even begins.


From discovery through to project build and launch, Advivo provides an end-to-end advisory solution for agile, risk-averse commercialisation. As an innovation and technology commercialisation partner for many of our clients, Advivo guides businesses to manage the commercialisation process and assemble the right expertise.


This Sunshine Coast-based global accelerator program, which is targeted at businesses looking to scale-up, will capitalise on SunRamp’s connections in the United States. Sunramp is an innovation hub, powered by the UpRamp program, an initiative from CableLabs, based in Boulder, Colorado.

InQ Global

Focused on driving international collaboration between Indian and Australian markets, InQ drives both an incubator program for start-up entrepreneurs and accelerator program for post-incubation and pre-capital raising.