With 20 years’ experience in Data Science and Analytics, Datamatics implements data-driven business solutions to enhance productivity and customer experience. Datamatics’ robust cross sector domain expertise can be leveraged to facilitate the integration of world-class Data Science solutions into your business. 


In partnership with Datamatics, 3dotDigital will transform your ability to turn data into intelligence. From optimising business processes through RPA technology, to processing and visualising data through simple and advanced analytics tools. This is the beginning of your digital transformation.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA): 3dotDigital offers its clients an enterprise-grade bot in the  Datamatics TruBot, that automates a range of processes to enhance productivity. TruBot RPA tools provide complete ease-of-use as users with no programming knowledge can design bots with the click of a button. TruBot also comes with an intelligent data capture solution, TruCap+. This solution has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) & fuzzy logic (FL) and captures meaningful data from unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy. The TruBot Neuro version of it offers reasoning capabilities to the digital workforce. Integration of cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning enables your bot workforce to handle complex transactions which are generally reliant on human expertise and intervention.


Advanced Analytics and Data Science: 3dotDigital offers a competitive edge to businesses, through Datamatics’ Data Science and Advanced Analytics solutions across the analytics life cycle. Decision makers can capture insights to answer the key questions:

  • Descriptive: What happened?
  • Diagnostic: Why did it happen?
  • Classification & Predictive: What will happen in the future?
  • Prescriptive: How do we respond to these changes?

Datamatics provides a one-click solution for building advanced analytics models and visualisation dashboards. Users with no expertise in statistical analysis or programming languages such as R and Python can easily select variables and run statistical models. Direct visualisation of the results in desired formats makes it easy for business users to understand the analysis and take appropriate action. This solution also provides automation of the analysis dashboard and real-time dashboard and analytics.

Case Studies


Tapping customer sentiment and triggering robotic actions


Churning insights and visualising them for decision making


Eliminating manual intervention and data quality issues