From CAD Automation to Building Information Modelling, SrinSoft delivers engineering solutions for global multi-national clients including Walt Disney, NASA and Nike. With experienced IT Engineers, Design and BIM Engineers and Automation Specialists, we partner with Srinsoft as our exclusive provider of enterprise software solutions to the civil engineering community. 

Delivering operational efficiency using a interoperability solution

Partnering with SrinSoft, we provide expert services in design, modelling, automation, interoperability and support to help companies realize the full power of design technology, maximize ROI and gain competitive advantage. 


Enabling seamless conversions between CAD and BIM software

The BIMDeX advantage

  • You can transfer the design data between multiple softwares with no loss in geometry or any meta data.
  • Export models with parameter and material information and maintain the same in other softwares as well.
  • Obtain non-triangulated solid geometry.
  • Transfer all parameters and materials and simplify your models with the user-friendly interface combined with easy operation to assist novice and experienced designers alike.

BIMDeX, a unit of SrinSoft, provides an innovative CAD inoperability tool enabling seamless conversion between various CAD, BIM and Design software packages.

The groundbreaking discovery of BXF file format has enabled a smooth interaction between various platforms. All you need is a BXF Importer and an Exporter to exchange your models within any and all supported softwares.