Offering a secure, industry-grade IoT solution, SeeMyMachines enables the remote real-time monitoring of machines. From collecting millions of data points to processing, analysing and visualising data in real time, SeeMyMachines provides a complete framework for IoT-enabled industrial operations.  

What does this mean for your business?

 Bringing together state-of the art and standard-based internet, cloud and big data technologies, SeeMyMachines meets current needs of Plant Managers, Machine Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors.  

Monitoring of real-time production data

Preventative equipment maintenance

Process value monitoring and optimization

Remote monitoring of shift activities

Environment monitoring to ensure shop floor safety

The connectivity speaks for itself


Browse through the collection of case studies below to find out how we can bring the end-to-end solutions of SeeMyMachines to benefit you.

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