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“The team at 3 Dot Digital have been incredibly helpful from the start of our engagement. They quickly helped us find several full-stack developers that were needed urgently that we could not procure from the local talent pool.”

Senior IT Project Manager,
Nokia Solutions and Networks Australia

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Local Support

Experienced account management based in Australia


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Project Managers

  • 10 + Years Experience
  • Manage complex program/project scopes, scheduling, finances, resource allocation and deliverable management
  • Coordinate project communications between stakeholders, change processes and mitigation activities
  • Support agile-centric project delivery and team members.
Making staff augmentation work for your business

Solution Architects

  • 8 + Years Experience

  • Possess a solid working knowledge of system architecture and design

  • Provide hands-on assistance with code integration, deployment automation, etc.

  • Solve issues of performance, scalability and security

Integrating QA testing with Agile development

Principal Developers

  • Skilled in agile project delivery
  • 5 + Years Experience

  • Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software

  • Strong technical background applying software design principles and methodologies

  • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables

"Making use of 3 Dot Digital’s Talent-on-Demand service has enabled Spark Business Technology to deliver high-quality outcomes by expanding our capacity, our skills, and experience."

Founder, Spark Business Technology

Our Specialties

Web Development

Front End: HTML5, JS, CSS 3, React, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Foundation.

Back End: Python, .NET, Java, Spring, NodeJS, PHP

Database Management

Mongo DB

Data Science and Visualisation

Tensor Flow


Internet of Things (IoT)

Embedded Systems
Terrestrial and Satellite Uplinks
On-site and Cloud data storage
Comprehensive Security

Talent on Demand CVP (1)


Assisted and Unassisted (AI)Automation
OCR & NLP for Smart Automation
Machine Learning Integration


Configuration Management
Code Inspection & Integration
SecDev Ops

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Security Questions

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3DD does not take a “one size fits all” approach to development, and instead tailors each engagement to the unique requirements that need to be met. In most cases, your “production” data will never leave Australian shores as it is not necessary for software development. Test & Development datasets are rarely based on real data and are used in the development process instead. In the case that real data needs to be leveraged and the data contains sensitive information, our developers remotely connect to secured Virtual Desktops hosted here in Australia to access the development environment.

At 3DD we pride ourselves in developing and delivering secure software. Our development environments feature enterprise-grade protection at the gateway, network, desktop, and server end-points. We follow industry-leading frameworks and standards set by ISO, ASD, ACSC, and NIST. We also ensure that the software that is developed is tested during development against OWASP Top 10 and CWE standards. We also employ a variety of Automated and Manual penetration testing to ensure the security of the product.

3DD has extensive experience in creating and maintaining software that stores and processes credit card data. Depending on the volume of transactions that are performed on a daily basis, and your merchant providers’ requirements, we can assist you in establishing PCI-DSS compliance, all the way through to PCI-DSS certification by an approved QSA.

It is sad to say that most software development companies (Onshore & Offshore) do not give security the focus and attention that is so sorely needed. In most cases, clients of these companies do not know of the risks and problems with their developed software until months after the development has concluded when a breach occurs and data is either encrypted, deleted, or worse exfiltrated. It is for this reason that 3DD ensures that security is a key factor at each stage of development from Design, all the way through to Final Delivery and Maintenance. Our clients can enter the market with their new or upgraded product, assured with the knowledge that their data is protected.

One of the biggest problems when dealing with outsourced software development companies is the ownership and control of the source code. 3DD has spent a substantial amount of time and resources to ensure the ownership of the developed product IP rests with our clients. 3DD has strong IP terms with our offshore partners and subsidiary companies. Because of this, on the completion of a project, milestone, or sprint, the IP of the developed product is transferred in whole to our client and it is not segmented, re-used, re-packaged, or re-sold under a different guise.

Development Questions

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3DD uses the latest development methodologies and tailors the approach to each project’s requirements. At 3DD we utilise Agile Framework (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban), DevOps, & SecDevOps.

Our staff at 3DD are experienced at asking questions and determining business needs. Even if you are a technical novice, our friendly and helpful analysts will collect and understand your desired outcomes to turn them into well written and concise requirements and specifications.

As our projects are run with agility in mind, we acknowledge that detail will emerge over time. With software, it is not always possible, or prudent to define all of the details. We help you to identify the gaps and make the appropriate changes during development to ensure the outcome is aligned to your market.

We have a variety of models to suit every entrepreneur, CTO, or MD. Just the right type of interaction with your development team is critical to the success of your venture. Teams do not perform well when not given enough direction, conversely, they perform even worse when they are micromanaged. 3DD strikes an even balance between these two extremes and also provides onshore and offshore Project Management services to complement your leadership style. The tools used to communicate with your team will be wide and varied and will depend greatly on your existing organisations comms tools, if you have them already, and the composition of the team that has been assembled.

3DD is very passionate about our clients achieving ROI as early as possible in the development cycle. For this reason, we work closely with our clients to constrain the definition of MVP to get the product into the hands of early adopters as fast as possible. The feedback gained from these early adopters is then fed into the development cycle and ensures that the output is closely aligned with market expectations.

General Questions

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 In the past, many Australian companies that have attempted to offshore in the past have had difficulties achieving success with the offshore model. These difficulties were not due to the model of offshoring being deficient, but inherent management misconceptions and misalignment in applying established onshore management models to offshore engagements. Issues such as cultural differences, communication gaps, workplace norms, and general understanding reduced the effectiveness and outcomes of these attempts.

Offshoring generally has been employed in many other countries for years with excellent outcomes for companies in terms of efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. 3DD applies the same international principles for project, team, and client management to achieve the same exceptional outcomes for our clients regardless of industry or project size.

At 3DD we have different delivery models to align with your specific requirements. Our Talent-on-Demand service is intended for founders or companies that are looking to build their own in-house team or already have an existing team and need to scale up for short or long durations. Our “Project” offering is for founders or companies that have a specific body of work to complete (MVP, refinements, feature additions, etc.) and want someone to manage the details of project on your behalf. We aim to find the right balance of support for your use case.

Your users will not be able to tell the difference between software developed onshore or offshore. The speed and quality of the developed applications will be as good, if not better than you could achieve onshore.

With our variable engagement models, our services apply across all industries for projects of all sizes from the smallest POC to the largest Enterprise deployment.

3DD is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. All billing is in AUD with negotiable terms.

Reach out to one of our friendly and helpful consultants by filling out the contact form above or give us a call on 1300 533 696. We will then get to know about you and your organisation before guiding you on your next steps to software development success.