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Machine Learning-Enabled Translation

Using Machine Learning, we built a software platform that is able to display translated text with contextual meanings under each word and sentence. Users are able to translate and share Word documents, and effortlessly send and receive messages in their native language to recipients with a different native language.

Pilbara Financial Consulting

We modernised an existing authentication and authorisation management system to enable SAML Compliant single sign-on, 3rd party integration, cloud deployment, and an improved User Experience. 

IoT Worksite Safety

We developed a solution to monitor hardware, track events and provide reporting capabilities to detect and prevent worksite accidents.

Machine Learning Tire Inspection

Using Machine Learning, we helped an automotive manufacturer measure the depth of tire treads using image processing for edge detection

Analytics for Telecommunications 

This easy-to-deploy recommendation engine analysed the web history of users and applied algorithms to deliver content recommendations to buyers. 

IoT Clinical Specimen Tracking

We deployed a customisable IoT platform that uses advanced location-aware technology for real-time asset tracking. The cloud platform leverages BLE technology to track clinical specimens.