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What insight does your data currently provide?

Today, business is more competitive than ever, with lower barriers to entry and more players using the latest technologies to vie for a bigger piece of the pie no company can afford to be complacent.

In the relentless push to be Smarter, Faster, and Better we are your partner in the trenches, your guide in the forest, your light in the dark. You need to understand your business inputs, drivers, and outputs as they are key to make the data-driven decisions that will allow you to outpace your competition, increase your reach, and overdeliver on your customer’s expectations.

Based in Australia, Headquartered in Brisbane, with local - global skilled resources and talent.

How we solve your challenges

Data Integration

Do you have business applications that need to talk with each other, or maybe you need your systems to talk to your external partners, suppliers, or clients? Our integration specialists can bridge the gap and get the information flowing on a schedule or in real-time.

Data Clensing

Not getting the right results from your data? Are your reports riddled with old, incomplete, or duplicate results? Our ETL specialists can dive into your datasets, understand the source systems and provide cost-effective solutions to improving the quality of your data.

Data Visualisation

Tired of looking at spreadsheets or basic reporting interfaces that are non-interactive and out-of-date? Our visualisation artists use the latest methodologies and tools to provide you with rich, interactive, automated, and up-to-the-minute reports that keep you informed.

Data Analytics

Do you want to get more out of your investment in your IT and Data Practice? Are you keen to get ahead of your competitors by out-flanking and out-pacing them in market understanding and customer engagement? Our highly trained and globally experienced Data Analysts and Data Scientists will give you that edge that you need, nay, demand to maintain and broaden your bottom line.

Data Privacy

With the reality of Mandatory Data Breach Reporting, GDPR, and other privacy demands now imposed on companies. Understanding what personal information is being stored on your IT systems and reducing your risk is no longer optional. Our privacy team is committed to quantifying and identifying changes to your processes and storage systems to minimise and mitigate your risk.


Is your team too busy collating manual reports to do their core job? Are you having to hire additional staff to manually copy data across unconnected systems? Our RPA and Integration specialists will interconnect your systems, bridge your interfaces, and automate your processes so you and your team can get on with the important business of servicing your client's needs.

Innovative Solutions Across Industries

RMIT launches cyber security and blockchain courses

Construction & Engineering

Shaping and building the future of infrastructure development.

commercial UAV

Oil & Gas

Energising a sustainable future for the core sectors powering our world.

Banking & Finance

Supporting digital adaption to evolving customer and compliance requirements.

digital health

Health & Aged Care

Advancing patient outcomes, clinical efficiency in the healthcare ecosystem 

Business People

Not For Profit

Increase service delivery, fundraising outreach and communication outcomes.


Enabling connectivity and analytics for improved optimisation and service.

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Delivered Project

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"For a long time, we struggled to find anyone with the expertise and capability to appreciate the complexities of delivering our product. When we finally found 3 Dot Digital, we found a supportive partner to deliver a product our clients love. 3 Dot Digital delivered on our complex solution, supporting us and providing the flexibility to scale. "
Ben Almond
CEO, The TStreet

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Featured Case Study

Understand how we deliver to ensure organisations succeed

Machine Learning-Enabled Translation

Using Machine Learning, we built a software platform that is able to display translated text with contextual meanings under each word and sentence. Users are able to translate and share Word documents, and effortlessly send and receive messages in their native language to recipients with a different native language.