Cross-Sector Technology Provider

3dotDigital is an industry-agnostic full-service software solutions provider.

Our current focus verticals include Digital Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction & Engineering, Retail, Education, Logistics and Transportation and BFSI.

IP Advancement

Enhancing the IP value of clients’ products and services

By applying best industry practice across emerging technology solution design and development, we enhance the intellectual property (IP) value of our client’s products and services.

Project Delivery

Exceeding client expectations to delivery on-time, cost-effective solutions  

3dotDigital provides your business with highly experienced program managers, project managers and scrum masters with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility digital, technology, and transformation projects.


Expertly guiding you on the journey through innovation and commercialisation  

As a boutique, focused and energetic company, 3dotDigital work closely with clients and selected partners to provide a wide range of advisory services from assessing viability, business plans and financial forecasts to route-to-market and intellectual property strategy.

Capital Raising

3dotDigital is your technology execution and investment partner

We partner with several start-up and scale-up clients to implement their ideas, processes and technologies to ensure they quickly achieve profit-oriented growth and full market potential through our informal acceleration and funding.

Growth Through Global Partnerships

Providing growth for clients’ innovative technology solutions and services through our exclusive global partnerships. Following commercialisation, we aim to support and take our clients international by leveraging our partners’ industry domain expertise and global presence.

This leverage can help you expand your research and potentially, diversify your revenue stream.

Technologies We Use

It is our goal to help you leverage the latest technologies for growth. Together, let us help you build a fit-for-purpose solution and drive innovation.

Data Science & Analytics

Enabling businesses to analyse and realise the value of their data...

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Artificial Intelligence

Machines learning from experience, while adjusting to new inputs and performing human-like tasks to optimise business processes and create truly personalized experiences

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR), not to be confused with Virtual Reality, changes and/or enhances the real world around us through our visual, sound, or touch senses

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the creation of entirely virtual worlds, modelled from fictional or real environments allowing the user to be immersed in a completely customisable experience

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Video Analytics

Processing real-time video streams to identify, classify, and track objects, environments, and activity to achieve business outcomes across industries...

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Internet of Things

Bridge the digital and physical worlds to collect and share valuable data real-time and perform automated or coordinated actions...

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / UAV

The next wave of portable autonomous remote sensing platforms now enabling new capabilities and possibilities within business and commerce...

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Blockchain for Business

Track and trace your value and customer chain with immutable trust and transparency

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Cyber Security

Protection of a company’s Intellectual Property, customer information, and reputation is paramount for the continued success of any enterprise, small or large

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Apply game design elements to engage, motivate and influence your target audiences and learners

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Our Solutions

We provide solutions across healthcare, construction, education, retail, banking and finance among others. As your technology partner, we develop purpose-build applications designed to meet your unique sector needs.

Our Partners

•  Exclusive partnerships  •  Proven emerging technology capabilities  •  Bring cross-sector expertise  •  High quality, cost-effective  •