Quality App Development

We utilise the latest technologies, infusing your applications with first-to-market disruptive capabilities, ensuring you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Empowering Start-ups

We are passionate about helping innovative Australian start-ups get ahead and get their tech sooner with less cost.

Retail Solutions

How to drive brand engagement and loyalty in a crowded market? Let data show the way. Get actionable inputs from your big data to improve the omnichannel experience of your customers.

Digital Health

Patient care and self-enablement solutions will distinguish healthcare providers in the highly competitive landscape. We help forward-looking organizations bring out such solutions through effective use of social media, mobility, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies.


While eLearning platforms and mobile apps add to the convenience of self-paced learning, gamification can boost engagement. The right choice of technology and tools will help you drive better outcomes from online learning solutions.

3dotDigital is a disruptive tech solutions provider, empowering start-ups and established companies to take full advantage of the emerging technologies to give them a distinct advantage in the market.

Who we are:

3dotDigital provides end-to-end Application Development and Technical Talent on Demand. We work closely with you to understand your needs, uncover hidden value, understand your market, improve your customer experience, improve your technical capability, and increase productivity through technology. The end result is positive company growth without increased overheads giving you scale and better financial outcomes.

Our experienced Project Managers, Software Engineers, Security Specialists, and Technology Experts bring to bear the best-in-class software, methodologies, techniques, and services to ensure the success of your company. Whether building something new, or if your current solution is on-premise, in the cloud, or somewhere in between, we maximise the impact of your ICT investment to ensure positive outcomes for you, your company, and most importantly your customers.

Innovation & Technology:

At 3dotDigital we are always looking at new ways to leverage your data to find new ways to gain additional insights from your existing datasets. We identify new data sources and engineer metric collection using current systems or utilising IoT hardware implementations to capture and report the information autonomously. Further, we employ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to mine your data, test assumptions and reassess traditional models at speed unmatchable by a human analyst to derive understandings not possible with conventional approaches.

Application Development:

Do you need real software development for your start-up, scale-up, or an established company? Look no further, we have experienced and highly qualified teams of analysts, program managers, developers, and testers.

Whether you have an existing team that you would like to extend or no team at all we can help you achieve the results you need.

MVP development for
enterprising start-ups:

3dotDigital is your development provider of choice for start-ups from all industries needing their Minimum Viable Product fast and at a cost-effective rate. Our software engineers engage with you throughout the development cycle to understand your vision and unique needs, while our experienced project managers work to ensure that your solution is delivered on-time, on-budget, with a level of quality to match your requirements.

Whether it is a java-based proof-of-concept or a fully-realised, automatically scalable, multi-interface, and standards compliant service delivery platform utilising breakthrough technologies like Blockchain and AI, we will deliver what you need to secure your next round of funding. We will accomplish this without breaking the bank and expeditiously, leaving your competitors in the dust.

Talent on Demand

Do you have an existing development team that needs scalability during periods of high demand?

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