Case Studies

Redefining distributed asset access control systems for Critical Infrastructure

For millennia, metal keys have been the bedrock of physical security. However, managing these keys across vast, remote infrastructures in telecommunications, power, water, and gas sectors is a major operational and financial burden. CyberLok by 3DD harnesses the power of mobile technology to redefine access control, offering an innovative and efficient solution.

Client Australian Critical Infrastructure Providers
Solutions Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, and Mobility
Completed 2022

The Challenge

Organisations managing critical infrastructure face a multifaceted challenge: ensuring robust security, maintaining operational efficiency, and controlling costs in managing physical keys across widespread and often inaccessible areas. The annual financial toll of these challenges runs into the hundreds of millions, underlining a pressing need for a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution.

The Solution

CyberLok addresses these challenges head-on by eliminating the need for metal keys altogether. It transforms a mobile phone into a sophisticated keying device, capable of granting on-demand access to critical assets. Key features include centralised logging of access events, the ability to grant access anytime and anywhere—even in locations without network connectivity—enhancing both security and operational flexibility.

The Outcome

The creation of CyberLok by 3DD has transformed access control for critical infrastructure. Operational efficiency has soared by eliminating the need for physical keys, replacing them with secure mobile devices with biometrics. Enhanced security is achieved through advanced encryption and centralised logging and control. The system’s ability to function without network connectivity has improved flexibility in remote locations. Overall, CyberLok has significantly reduced costs and streamlined operations, providing a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution for asset access control management.